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Whether you have an infant, preschooler or a 4th grader, learning American Sign Language is beneficial. SIGN-A-LOT™, the award-winning DVD series for hearing childern teaches American Sign Language Vocabulary in a creative and entertaining way. Research shows that hearing children in preschool through sixth grade who learn sign language improve their English vocabulary, understanding of concepts, number recognition, reading and spelling skills, and have a better ability to express emotions.

The Sign-A-Lot DVD series incorporates American Sign Language vocabulary in a unique, creative and entertaining way that inspires children to interact with the DVD, stimulating intellectual development while making learning fun. Developed for hearing children ages 2-8, SIGN-A-LOT™ is an award winning DVD series where American Sign Language vocabulary is woven into the storyline through an exciting, entertaining world of animated characters, magical lands and playful child performers. The Sign-A-Lot DVD series introduces the novel concept of illustrated images appearing and disappearing over the signs as they are demonstrated, encouraging young viewers to participate by guessing what the sign is and assisting in the memory retention of the signing vocabulary.

Your child will have fun joining our playful See me Sign™ Kids on their signing adventures as they travel to the magical land of SIGN-A-LOT™, where everything is hands on! Children will have fun playing and signing along with their new Sign-A-Lot friend Lee, the See Me Sign Kids and their mischievous animated pals, Lulu Lefty and Ronnie Righty.

Sign-A-Lot: The Big Surprise,” is the first in a series of edutainment DVDs developed by See Me Sign, LLC that bring the benefits of sign language to hearing children ages 2 - 8. In “The Big Surprise,” children join the See Me Sign Kids in planning a birthday surprise for Lulu and Ronnie. Children learn more then 80 signs for foods, movement, feelings and more, while visiting Picnic Park, Exercise Alley, Field of Feelings, the Opposites Playground and Music Meadow! This program also includes a Parent Vocabulary Tutorial as a bonus feature.

ABC GAMES, is the second in a series of edutainment DVDs developed by See Me Sign, LLC that bring the benefits of sign language to hearing children ages 3 - 8. ABC Games is a “must have” DVD for all young children learning their ABC’s. Through imaginative signing games your child can learn the manual alphabet and over 100 signs as they have fun playing, signing, and spelling along with the See me Sign Kids as they visit ABC Meadow, Animal Park, Favorite Sign Playground, the Field of Colors, and Spell-A-Lot! This program includes a Parent Vocabulary Tutorial as well as a Kids at Home Favorite Sign bonus feature.